Brand Ambassador Terms


I’m Jenna from Infant Oasis, thank you for reaching out to us. I am here to help you through the process of joining our social media team. This email is confidential and discloses the Brand Rep terms. Please do not share or forward.

As a Brand Rep, you will also get the opportunity to be posted on our 3 Instagram and 2 Facebook pages (@infantoasis - @kidsshoeshack - @melaninminis - @mixedminis ). This will provide you with a good opportunity to grow your family's brand with us and get a lot of fun perks too.



So, how it works is you order the items you guys will promote at a discounted price using your discount code!

And then you’ll post quality pictures of them with the items and tell your followers they can have a 15% discount in our store if they use your personalized code!

And if they use your code, you will receive a 10% commission from the items they bought.

We also feature the photos with credit on our Instagram, Facebook and sometimes our website!



* You'll get 25% off everything in our shop including sale items!

* You'll receive a unique 15% off share code for friends and family.

* Each time your share code is used, you'll receive a 10% commission of the total sale through our Affiliate program (via PayPal).

* If your code is used by 10 different people, you'll automatically receive a $50 bonus.

* Exposure to more than 5k Instagram and Facebook followers. This builds your social media profile if you are seeking for your child to model for larger brands in the future.

* Get a chance to model for our Infant Oasis website’s homepage and product pages!

* If you go above and beyond what is outlined here, we will provide you with additional incentives as a thank you for all your hard work (for example free products, additional discounts, commission increase, etc).



* Brand Rep Model Term is for 3 months, during this time you will receive the benefits listed in the ‘What Do You Get in Return’ section above.

* A purchase is required. During your term you must make a purchase once a month and buy 2 items each purchase. You can also purchase all 6 items at once. (6 item minimum per term).

* Promotes the brand on your social media using the 6 items and your unique share code discount.

* Comments on Infant Oasis Instagram & Facebook posts of kids wearing Infant Oasis clothing.

* Discount code (valid for 1 year) will be provided upon acceptance (make sure you check your email).



If you agree to the terms, go to and choose the items you want to promote, then complete your purchase -- use discount code in the cart to get 25% off.


By using this code you agree to the terms listed in this document. No need to sign anything.





On the Order Summary page, please add:


1. your Instagram Account Name; and

2. your Child's Name so that we can match your order to your Instagram.

For example:

@yourIGaccount / model's name




1. This code is only valid for one purchase.

2. After you’ve made your first purchase, reply to this email or message us on Facebook to receive your new code which will be valid for one year. Please let us know what your order number is in the message.

3. Once we have your order number you can set up your personalized discount code and register your dashboard for your sales tracking!

If you have any questions, just reply to this email and we will be happy to answer them.

Looking forward to hearing from you,